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Room to Breathe Sponsor Information - Key Leaves

I'm so excited to share first sponsor of my Room to Breathe album! Key Leaves is a wonderful instrument care company dedicated to the preservation of instruments in the short and long term as we all grapple with the moisture and condensation that playing a wind instrument produces. I recently joined Key Leaves as their first endorsed bassoon artist, and look forward to growing greater awareness of the many ways that we can better preserve and maintain our instruments. Check out my previous blog post for bassoon-related products I'd recommend, and find more information about this wonderful company below!


Rulon Brown is a winds player and teacher who grew up repairing instruments at his local music store. Key Leaves grew from his belief that leaving woodwind keys open to air dry is the most powerful and natural cure for sticky pads.

After years of research, he shared his patented products with the saxophone community and the response was astounding. In the first year of business Key Leaves won every major industry award including “BEST IN SHOW” at The NAMM Show - an honor rarely given to woodwind care products. He then moved on to double reed care and other award winning product designs. General info

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