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Welcome to the studio page! Below you will find information regarding my teaching philosophy, pedagogic points of emphasis, answers for frequently asked questions and session rate information.

Music education is incredibly important, and is one of the best ways to teach our students about self expression. Private instruction, to me, is twofold an extension of school-time music education and targeted supplemental instruction. I focus on ensuring that my students are comfortable, confident, not worried about mistakes, and focus on having fun playing above all else through the preparation and curriculum that we study together.

I seek to promote equitable access to students of all backgrounds and experiences, short and long term musical goals, and providing reeds as needed. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions!



Private Lessons


Targeted, student-based curriculum or expansion on school-related music and points of instruction.


Music Theory

College Prep & Standalone

Curriculum for students taking AP Music Theory classes, those preparing for college auditions, and the curious!


Chamber Music

Small Chamber Ensembles

Instruction from award winning chamber musician for musicians from all instrument families.



From all Instruments

Building off experience on previous instrument to get students excited about learning and playing bassoon!


Wind Sectionals

Band & Orchestras

Lead sectionals for collegiate, middle & high school students emphasizing collaboration, blend and expression.

Audition Prep

Open to all

Honors Ensembles, Youth Orchestras, Evaluations, Competitions, College, Chair Placement - you name it!

Let's Get Started!

Bassoon Lessons

To begin our bassoon-focused curriculum, there's some information I'll need from you on you or your student's background. Please fill out this form.


If you'd like chamber music coaching, or assistance with your school's wind sectionals, please reach out here with the subject line stating "Coaching".

Goal Assistance

If you are coming to me with a tangible goal in mind (i.e., some sort of audition or event to be prepared for), please reach out here with the subject line stating "Goal Assistance."

Music Theory

If you have interest in pursuing Music Theory instruction, please reach out here with the subject line stating "Music Theory Class."

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