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Room to Breathe - New Bassoon Music Project

Updated: May 11, 2021

I'm so excited to announce a new project, commissioning original works for bassoon and piano from 5 different composers: Room to Breathe.

This project will feature the compositional writings of Gala Flagello, Chris Evan Hass, Brian Nabors, Brad Balliett and Karalyn Schubring. All works will be set for bassoon and piano, to facilitate a versatile performance setting for the works; be it conference, guest recital, solo competition, or doctoral recital. Download the project description below.

These works will be premiered for my third doctoral recital this coming Fall semester, in December 2021 at Stony Brook University featuring the wonderful pianist Calvin Hu. The world premier recital will be accompanied by a studio recording session of these works, and will be available on all music providers.

Two of these works will be created via bassoon consortium commission! Please find information regarding Chris' Consortium and Gala's Consortium through their respective links and/or websites.

Please find the listing for our project on GoFundMe if you are interested in supporting! All funds raised will support the creation of the works, and the accompanying recording production.

Project Description
Download PDF • 68KB

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