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My First Endorsement!

I’m so excited to be joining Key Leaves© as their first endorsed bassoon artist! You can find me on their website under both their featured and double reed artists in the artist tab.

Key Leaves© is a wonderful organization devoted to instrument care and maintenance :) read below for bassoon projects I’d recommend and the wonderful reasons why!

Key Leaves© Cork Grease

Before using the Key Leaves© Cork Grease I had always resigned myself to the frustration that different temperatures and climates cause on my instrument. I resisted cork greases because they needed to be applied daily to be effective, adding another step to the unpacking process. With Key Leaves© Cork Grease, I no longer worry about the need to regularly apply, the grease lasts for days! It allows for a smooth and secure assembly process, and I'm not worried about it coming apart from over-greasing! To bassoonists and woodwind players everywhere, try this yourself and you won't be disappointed! I've added this to my bag for the foreseeable future.

Key Leaves© Spit Sponge

I cannot recommend this product highly enough to all musicians, not just bassoonists! Having a resource that was intentionally created to fix specific issues that all woodwind players battle with is immeasurable. The Spit Sponge by Key Leaves© fixes my issues with moisture trapped in bubbly wing joint keys, and I feel confident leaving it in my case overnight to combat that dreaded "next day sticky key" issue. Having confidence in this product makes all the difference, I'm not worried about it disintegrating from excess moisture in the tone hole that's being cleared out, I cannot say the same about the standard cigarette paper solution. If you haven't tried this product yet, PLEASE DO! You'll never go back

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