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Room to Breathe Sponsor Information - Charles Double Reed Company

Charles Double Reed Company is a wonderful business within the double reed community, and another of the generous sponsors for my Room to Breathe album. They have provided me with all double reed materials and products for reed making materials, instrument care and accessories, along with instruments that students and close colleagues of mine have purchased.

If you are in the market for anything bassoon or oboe related, or a new instrument(!), you should absolutely learn more about Charles Double Reed Company. Read more about this business below!


Every double reed player is unique, every situation is different. Players turn to Charles Double Reeds for lots of reasons. In most cases, it distills down to a single word: Trust.

Trust in our experience. Simply put, we understand double reeds. That claim is based on decades of work in support of the double reed community and organizations that serve the world of double reeds. Close collaboration with professionals, teachers, players, students, parents, and organizations such as the IDRS, has given us valuable expertise that we put to work for you.

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