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Room to Breathe - LIVE World Premiere Recital (DMA Recital #3)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in for this performance! It was truly an amazing experience being able to bring the world premiere of the 5 wonderful works for bassoon and piano! This hybrid livestream/in-person recital was held on

SATURDAY, December 18th @6:30 PM EDT on YouTube Live!

Due to technical difficulties, the video version of this performance did not turn out ideal. There is consistent video stuttering throughout the recording, however, the audio turned out quite well! If you'd like to watch the "slideshow" with audio, please follow the YouTube link. Otherwise, I've separated the audio into a SoundCloud Playlist for the recital.

I encourage any viewers/listeners to take a look at the Concert Program and Program Notes at your leisure for more information on the repertoire being performed.

This was a live performance from the Mason Gross School of the Arts' Schare Recital Hall, at Rutgers University. While this was *primarily* a livestream performance, those who wished to attend in person were welcome with advanced notice in order to maintain an accurate headcount to abide by university protocols.

Thank you so much again to all of the consortium members and GoFundMe backers for your support of this project. ALSO a special thank you to the amazing people that I've worked with throughout the process: Chris Evan Hass, Gala Flagello, Karalyn Schubring, Brad Balliett, Brian Nabors and Calvin Hu.

I hope you enjoy the performance of these wonderful works!

Don't forget to like & subscribe ;)

- Joe

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Jul 01, 2023

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