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Room to Breathe Sponsor Information - TrevCo Music

Another wonderful business has graciously offered to sponsor my Room to Breathe album! TrevCo Music, and TrevCo Music Publishing, are both incredible resources for the musical and bassoonist communities. I personally buy all of my music through their website, and have worked with composers to have their works published here as well.

As the world's foremost purveyor and publisher of sheet music for double reeds, if you haven't heard of TrevCo yet, check them out NOW! It's simple and easy to find works that you're considering performing, and you can now also browse their music collections! Click "Catalog" at the top of the page, then search based on instrumentation OR on the right-hand side of the screen browse "Popular Ensembles", "Event Music", "Special Collections", and "Methods and Resources".

In addition to having a wonderful supply of music, all orders and communications that I've had with them has been truly first class. If I haven't recommended TrevCo enough yet, please take a moment to browse their website!

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